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bundle8 fun apps for one low price. Compatible with the original Instinct (M800) and S30 (M810) models.

Buy AppPrice: $1.99      One Time Fee


sphere50Make your Instinct act like a plasma globe.

Easy Button

A totally useless yet fun app – the “Easy Button” for your phone.


KBcalcA scientific calculator for Instinct.


kbpiano-iconA simple single-octave piano keyboard to play with on your Instinct.

Conway’s Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life customized for the Instinct.

PONG for Instinct

The classic arcade game PONG customized for the Instinct.


An enhanced stopwatch to provide both lap and split functions, missing from the Instinct’s built-in stopwatch. This is the first third-party app to be created for the Instinct, first released August 10, 2008.


Really more like a Swiss Army knife than a flashlight, this app starts with a flashlight, but adds color choices, flashing mode, and a simple drawing app.

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