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LocalNews powered by Demo Version 1.0

localNews_AppIconSelect a location near you and enjoy news relevant to you. Choose from locations all over the U.S., Canada, and UK. This is a 1 hour demo.

twinstinct Demo Version 1.3.1


A full featured Twitter client for the Samsung Instinct. 24 hour Demo

kbTranslator beta

A pocket translator that uses Google translation services to allow you to translate between 34 different languages.

Puzzle Pack Demo

Jman's Puzzle Pack DemoA group of four fun and addicting puzzle games. The full version will be released soon.
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Tasks 1.0 Demo


A simple Tasks application. Demo limits the number of tasks that can be added to three.

Snake Demo

Jman's Snake DemoRemake of a classic game.

Check Book Demo

Jman's Check Book
Keep track of your bank accounts with this digital check book that is always there. Then email your account for loading into Excel. Ideal for use with Check and Debit Cards.
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KBui Demo

An app that can act as a replacement user interface for many (not all) functions of the Instinct.

Shopping Assistant 1.6 Demo

Shopping AssistantStore multiple lists and calculate totals as you shop.

My Accounts Demo

My AccountsStore your account names, user names, and passwords in your phone. Application is protected by a pin of your choice.

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