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Lottery Picker

lottery-iconChoose your lottery numbers from your custom list of numbers – each number can be flagged as “Always”, “Sometimes”, “Never”. If you draw more numbers than you have, random numbers are selected.

Part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810), Instinct HD (m850)

This works fine on the HD (m850) although the font is a tad small – I am working to improve this.

Version 2.1 Update

  • added buttons for presets for PowerBall, MegaMillions, and a typical 50 ball, draw 6 lotto
  • adds a # of Power/Mega balls field since most of those type of drawings use a smaller ball set to draw from
  • improved numeric inputs – removed Samsung/Sprint kuldge to get to LCDUI input
  • corrected issue with “00″ being picked
  • corrected issue with app hanging if the Personalize button was accessed without adding anything
  • changed app name and icon, so this will co-exist with the older version

There is no magic here, no Ms. Cleo psychic abilities, just a random number generator that allows you to set some basic parameters like:

  • Number of Lottery Balls in the game – usually 50 or 54 for the big games, but can be less for games like Pick 3
  • How many numbers to choose – 6 for the big games, but 3 for Pick 3, 4, 5 – some states even have a Pick 10
  • PowerBall/MegaBall – some games have a “power ball” – a separate number drawn from a different set of balls
  • Number of Sets to generate – how many sets of numbers you want to build – this can be from 1 to 10.

Where this app differs from using the “Quick Pick” feature of most lotto terminals is in the ability to personalize your number set. So you can add your family members’ birth dates, your favorite numbers, remove any unlucky numbers for you and have the app choose your lotto numbers from this personalized set.

Press the “Personalize” button and you get the ability to:

  • Select up to 32 numbers
  • Choose “Never”, “Sometimes”, or “Always” for each number
  • “Never” numbers are never chosen to be in your generated sets – hate the number 13? here ya go!
  • “Sometimes” numbers are given a 2+ chance of being chosen at random
  • “Always” numbers are always chosen
  • If you select more “always” numbers than the “number to Chose” then the random selection is only from your list of “always” numbers.

Press the “Generate” button and the numbers appear below.

main screenpersonalize screen

This is only available as part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

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