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nxnw-128A geocache app for your Instinct. Create and track your own personal list of caches without having to manually enter the info each time.

Buy AppPrice: $1.99      One Time Fee

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810)

Please note: Yahoo has changed the licensing on the maps API, so this app no longer shows a map of the cache location. We are looking for alternatives and will update this when we have more info.

GeoCachePro allows you to create a list of geocaches that you can quickly choose from and changing to track a new cache is just a few taps away.


Another big addition to GeoCachePro is the ability to read GPX and LOC files created on Everyone who uses can select caches and export them to a LOC file. premium members can create GPX files with data on up to 500 cache locations – then copy that to the phone’s memory card for use by GeoCachePro.

GeoCachePro can handle several different GPX and LOC files limited only by available space on the memory card. Once you pick a GPX or LOC file, you can choose multiple caches to add to your list.


The other big difference is an addition to the large tracking compass graphic – GeoCachePro now monitors your movement as reported by the GPS hardware and adds a new pointer to the large compass showing your movement direction as well as the direction to the cache.

This is also available as part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

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