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Voice+ Recorder

vr-splashA recorder app limited only by available space on the memory card. Includes Fast Forward, Rewind and Pause during playback. All U.S. Instincts including the HD.

Buy AppPrice: $1.99      One Time Fee

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810), Instinct HD (m850)

Note: Until the Canadian providers open up the APIs used by this app, it only works on U.S. phones (Sprint phones – not sure about Cricket).

This app has no time limitations other than the space available on your memory card. On my two phones with 2 GB memory cards and various other files like photos and music – one has 12,000 minutes (200 hours) of space available, the other has 19,000 minutes (316 hours) of space available.

Use this for any recording including Voice Memos, lectures, notes to self, guitar riffs, etc. I had to go to the doctor the other day – turned this app on, stuck it in my pocket, it recorded my whole conversation with him and I didn’t have to worry about it running out of time.

Because this app allows long recordings, it should not be interrupted by phone calls, text messages and the like, so it is strongly recommended that you turn on Airplane Mode when you intend to make long recordings.

During playback, the seek bar is a neat feature – simply tap along the bar to fast forward or rewind the playback – this is an almost instant seek to that place in the recording.

Features include:

  • Fast Forward and Rewind during playback by tapping along the progress bar for immediate jump to that location in the recording
  • Lock a recording to stop renames, note editing, and deleting
  • Add a note up to 200 characters
  • Rename recordings up to 200 characters in length using any characters
  • Recordings can be emailed using the built-in email client on the phone1 – you can specify a default email address to mail to

You can email recordings to other Instinct users who have this program and they can then listen to your message.

For playback on your PC use the PureVoice Player available free from Qualcomm.

1The Instincts (and most mail servers) have limits on email attachment size, so long recordings can’t be emailed, but the larger files can be moved using the USB cable, or the memory card. You should not delete a recording that was emailed until you are sure it arrived. The app will warn you if a recording is longer than 9 MB (the Instinct family’s limit on attachment length), but it’s still possible that your destination mail server does not allow files that large.

I welcome suggestions for improvement.


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