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Check Book V1.5

Jman's Check BookKeep track of your bank accounts with this digital check book that is always there. Then email your account for loading into Excel. Ideal for use with Check and Debit Cards. NOW works on the S30

Buy AppPrice: $2.49      One Time Fee

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800)

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On Phone, first theme*:
On phone
On Phone, Another theme*:
On phone
In Excel:

In Excel

*Themes are slightly different in version 1.5

-Password protection
-Keep track of up to 5 accounts.
-Email account information and load it into software (such as Excel)

New in version 1.5
-Further improvements look and feel
-A few new themes, not all themes support red/green text for positive negative values.
-Fix for the S30
-Fix for some file exporting errors
-Many different fixes
-Minimize application for phone calls etc. return working where you were. Hit “_” button on top right of screen.

New in version 1.4
-Improved look and feel
-Save your account to the memory card
-Send your account as an attachment in an email (located in other/checkregister/[account name]
-Fixed issue of sending account only including ten entries, they are all sent now

New in version 1.3
-Drag your finger left and right to go between transactions and accounts
-Trying to balance your checkbook? The new calculations on the account screen will help you!
-The 1 cent off error is completely gone!
-Various other bug fixes

Please let me know of any bugs/suggestions using the contact us form. I’ll do my best to add/fix what you need and want.

-To change/add/remove password, click the lock at the top left of the main menu screen.
-Change themes in the same menu
-Data is sent as a .csv file (comma separated values), Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs accept this format
-In order to save you must remove the “:” found in older versions original names

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