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Card Counter

cc-iconA Card Counter for Single or Double 52 card decks and Single or Double deck Pinochle.

Part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810)

This app supports four (4) different types of card game decks.

  • Single 52 card deck – for games like Poker, Spades, & Hearts
  • Double 52 card deck – great for Canasta
  • Single Deck Pinochle
  • Double Deck Pinochle

Click a card, it darkens to indicate it has been played. There is a “Last Clicked” indicator under the Suit icons that shows the last card you clicked for that column.

When you get through with a game – hit the Options button at the bottom left, and click the Reset Grid button. The options screen is also where you would pick a different type of deck.


This is only available as part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

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