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Maze Game

maze-iconLoads of maze fun in this LCDUI game written by Carol Hamer. I’ve ported it to the Instinct using LWUIT.

Part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810)

Rather than using arrow keys, I changed it to sense the direction you drag your finger across the screen. Each drag moves 1 unit – you have to pick your finger back up to move again.

You can select different maze unit sizes from 3 pixels wide to 12 pixels wide. As you change the size, you will see a “sample grid” so you know what you’re getting.

I added a timer that starts when you make your first move. The app will save the best time for each unit size and displays those on the statistics screen.

You can also check for an updated version, and if one is available, you can get the update message sent to your phone directly from the app.

This is only available as part of the MyInstinct Collection bundle of apps.

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