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kbui-iconAn app that lets you choose skins/themes and become a non-permanent user interface for many (not all) functions of the Instinct.10% discount for iClone owners

Buy AppPrice: $5.99      One Time Fee

Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810)

KBui is a customizable launcher application for your Instinct. It can launch and be returned to from many built-in phone functions, such as email, SMS, phone, calculator, navigation, calendar, music and TV functions. It can also launch other phone features such as the web browser, as well as launching other applications like Opera Mini and Sprint’s new OZ IM client. Also included is a built-in list of over 100 third-party applications that can be launched from KBui (apps not included)

KBui allows you to arrange icons as you wish on 3 separate pages of 24 icons each. Screen backgrounds may be downloaded from any image URL on the Internet. Widget functions allow single-touch access to dial or SMS a saved number, or open a browser to a saved web site.

There are four different ways of displaying the time in KBui – small and medium analog clocks, a rolodex-style clock, and a time/day/date bar, along with a full-screen analog clock.

You can also download themes to your phone to give it many unique different looks. Themes contributed by many designers can be viewed at


Please note that there are many limitations to what KBui can do, because of software limitations of the phone and security restrictions imposed by Sprint. KBui is only an application and cannot permanently replace your phone’s user interface. Many phone functions cannot be controlled by or returned to from KBui. See the KBui FAQ post for more information.

Purchase includes free updates for 6 months.

There is a 2-day trial version available at KBui Demo so you can “try before you buy”.

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S30 users: KBui is now fully compatible with the S30. KBui cannot launch Pocket Express apps by default because PE is not included on the S30. However, on the Sprint S30, if you install Pocket Express yourself from
, KBui can then launch it for you.

Canadian users: Due to software differences between Sprint phones and Canadian phones, a number of KBui options do not work on Canadian phones; for example, email, SMS, and GPS.

For support, please visit the “KBui Instructions” post on this site,

or visit in the member-built apps section.

You may contact KillerBeagle through our Contact Us form.

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