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Shopping Assistant 1.6 Demo

Shopping AssistantStore multiple lists and calculate totals as you shop.

The demo will allow one list and the favorites list. Only a limited number of items can be added to the lists.

The Demo app will be overwritten if the paid app is installed – all list items will remain intact. The reverse is also true so do not install the demo app over the paid app because you will be replacing the paid app with the demo’s limited functionality.

New Features in 1.6
  • Item Calculator – enter the price of items and know what your total is as you shop. Stick to your budget and no more surprises at the register. Price items in your favorites list and you will know what you are going to spend as you make your list! Re-add items to your list by un-checking them. I also use this feature to track monthly budget – enter what you bought and how much it was.
  • No more retyping lists – checking off an item will no longer delete that item (items can still be deleted by using the edit list button).
  • Sort master lists
  • Application has an icon
  • For upgrading users – this will preserve any lists / favorites you already have in place.
  • Store multiple lists with touch screen access to detail lists
  • Store as many items as you need in any detail list
  • Sort your detail lists so you can buy products in the same order you usually shop for them
  • Favorites list will prevent retyping of items you commonly buy
  • Easily X off items as you shop
  • Undo button in case you mark off an item by accident while shopping
  • Delete master lists you no longer need w/confirmation only

You can purchase the full version here


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