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KBui Instructions

Basic Instructions for KBui:

There are three customizable pages of 24 icons. To change pages, swipe left or right, or use the left arrow key

The silver camera button on the side of the phone is used to enter configuration mode. Once in config mode, you can edit buttons, load and apply themes, load backgrounds, and choose other appearance options.

To edit or move buttons, tap the “Edit/Move Buttons” icon. A grid will appear on the current screen, indicating the possible button positions on that screen. You can drag and drop buttons to move their positions, or tap on a button to modify it.

Editing buttons: on the “Function” tab, you select the button’s function, and add an optional label, along with any options required for that function. Using the “Icon” tab, you may then select the icon you wish to use with that function. If you have a theme loaded, you can choose whether to use the built-in icon or the theme’s icons. Multi-square widgets like the clocks, and dynamic widgets like weather, do not need an icon selected.

Widget functions, like the Yahoo weather widget, call to, sms to, and browse to, that have options, MUST have an entry in the options box.

Changing page options: use the camera button to bring up the page options. You can change backgrounds and themes from this menu. For backgrounds, enter the URL of an image you wish to use for your background, and select “load” to have it loaded.

To load, apply or remove themes, tap on the themes “loader” icon. Enter a theme name by typing it in the box, or use the “theme picker” button to select from a list. Themes can be loaded by selecting “load”. After the load completes, select “apply theme” to apply it to all the buttons in your configuration.

All themes can be previewed at

To load a new background, select the background “loader” icon. Keep in mind that the screen is 240×412 resolution, and while KBui will attempt to automatically resize images, very large images may run out of memory and fail to load.

Three different methods of entry can be used to download backgrounds. A full URL can be used to load virtually any image from the Internet. To use a background from gallery, use the format “Category/imagename.jpg”, using the image name seen when you hover over an image in the gallery preview. Finally, if you enter a single name in the backgrounds section – like “xp” instead of a full URL – you will get the background for the “xp” theme (if there is one).

You can use the “Page Settings” button to change several settings on a per-page basis. The auto-hide time controls how long icons will remain on the screen. The font color of the button labels may be changed, and a solid color background may be selecte for each page.

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