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Phone functions that KBui can launch and be returned from

KBui can dial from its built-in dialer pad or from the “call to” widget with a saved phone number. KBui can open the SMS, email and voice mail inboxes and the SMS and email compose menus. The calculator, music player, television, GPS navigation, GPS current map, calendar, pocket express news, weather,

Functions that can be launched but not returned from
Camera, Browser, Live Search, IM, and third-party apps all may be launched from KBui, but cannot be returned to, due to the Instinct’s lack of ability to run multiple Java apps simultaneously.

Situations where KBui cannot be returned to

In general, if an operation occurs that KBui is not aware of, KBui will not be returned to. For example, if the phone is locked, and a call or text message is received, when you complete the call/text, the phone will return to its own menus. If KBui is running but you tap on the “blue star” and then open one of those menus, the phone will not return to KBui.

The recommended workaround for these situations is to add KBui to your Favorites menu to make it simple to restart KBui.

Functions that cannot be launched
Due to security restrictions and lack of documentation, KBui is not able to launch several built-in phone functions: Notes, Clock, Settings, Radio, My Photos, Shopping, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and My Account.

Known Issues
Due to limitations of Samsung/Sprint’s software, there are a number of situations in which odd behavior occurs.
The contacts menu launched from KBui does not function correctly. In most cases it simply returns to KBui when a contact is selected.
The voice command button does not work from within KBui.
Sometimes when launching an external app, the screen will freeze, usually with a spinner. If you hit the Home button and then Resume, the external app will launch.

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