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iClone version 2

iCloneThis is a fun app that gives your Instinct the appearance of that “other” phone. Unlike some other phone “tricks” that are simply video clips, this application is actually functional software.

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Supported Phones: Instinct (m800), Instinct S30 (m810)

iClone acts as a pseudo-user-interface by presenting a different screen that looks nearly identical to that of the “other” phone that starts with the letter i. All of the buttons actually function, although not all of them function in the most desirable way (due to lack of documentation from Sprint). The date and day-of-week on the calendar icon update to match the current date. You can return to this app when exiting some of the choices with the left arrow button; other choices will exit iClone and not return. See the list below for the actual function of each button.

This version adds haptic feedback, more button actions, and an actual working dialer screen.

Just to be perfectly clear, this will NOT turn your phone into an iPhone, it will NOT let you run other iPhone applications, it will NOT replace your phone’s user interface.

It’s just a way to have a little fun with your phone!

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  • The phone button brings up a fully functional built-in clone dialer. It can be used to dial calls, and back arrow returns to the main screen. The menu tabs at the bottom of the dialer are not enabled.
  • The SMS, calendar, navigation, calculator and email buttons work well with the Instinct’s built-in apps. If you exit those applications with the back arrow, control will return to iClone.
  • The camera button will open the camera, but you cannot return to iClone.
  • The photos button opens picturemail – that’s the closest we can get without better documentation from Sprint.
  • The Youtube, stocks, weather, Safari and iPod buttons open the phone’s browser with youtube, cnnmoney, wunderground, google and respectively. You cannot return to iClone after opening the browser
  • The clock, notes and settings buttons are not functional.
  • None of the bottom tabs on the dialer screen are functional.

Some functions, such as email, will only work on Sprint phones, and not on Canadian versions of the Instinct

The portions that do not function are due to lack of documentation from Sprint and cannot be fixed until Sprint releases more information on the phone.

For support, please contact KillerBeagle through our Contact Us form.

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